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In the loving memory of my father, Joseph Lee Wiener, for none of this would have been possible without you. For my mother who has been there every step of the way guiding and supporting  our family and keeping us together through thick and thin.                   Lastly, to my brother Nicholas who chose to "make good desserts" and is the inspiration behind our family business. 

Working hard has always been easy for me. Having a strong work ethic has been the only thing I've been good at my entire life. When I say work, I mean cooking, running restaurants and putting my body through the rigors of long days in a busy hot kitchen. The only job I've had that wasn't in the kitchen was my paper route at age 13. Even that job was 7 days a week and required me to be present every single day. Who knew my childhood paper route would help prepare me for my future endeavors in the kitchen. 


The art of cooking is what makes me feel alive, keeps my heart beating, and allows me to stay young. I have been blessed to work all over this great country from fast food establishments to ultra luxury restaurants and hotels. I've traveled to the vast parts of the globe all for my love of cooking. I've given my entire life to my career, but truth be told this journey has given me so much more in return. Some of my most cherished memories in life are those of cooking family meals with my parents and siblings. Traveling, eating, and sharing of tales of brotherhood in the kitchen is what my life is all about. 

Partnering with my brother Nick has been a long and winding road. We have worked together at many different restaurants throughout our careers.  Today, I am honored to follow in Nick's footsteps as he leads us to the future with Josef's.  I am even more honored to be sharing Josef's with Maryland's Eastern Shore community.


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